Jinlida's patented technology

May 25, 2021
Latest company news about Jinlida's patented technology

What are the advantages of the machines of Jinlida Company when they can go abroad and enter the world?

Today, I would like to introduce to you the patented technology that is worth being proud of:

1.The size of the Angle between the two Hover half gears is related to the state of the spring wire when the machine is working.The greater the Angle, the greater the tension, the greater the damage to the steel wire surface, will also increase the load force of the machine;On the other hand, the smaller the Angle, the smaller the tension, the smaller the damage to the steel wire surface, but also reduce the load force of the machine.

2. The eccentric design of the wire hole and the spring pipe can have many advantages:

  • can make the volume of the reed tube larger;

  • increase the number of spring wire, reduce the number of spring replacement, reduce labor intensity, effectively improve work efficiency;

  • can make the spring wire more easily out of the hole, and does not damage the steel wire surface protective layer, to ensure the quality;

  • Reduce the load of equipment