Workshop pilot

June 2, 2021
Latest company news about Workshop pilot

  He is the production director of our company's workshop.A hard-working, wholeheartedly dedicated to the company's development of their own people.

  He went to the workshop very early every day, assigned the production tasks of the day, and then devoted himself to the work. He was in a hurry, walking in every corner of the workshop, where there was a need, where he was there.When some workers askfor leave, he helps them with there work . When the production was urgent, he took the lead in working overtime.

  From morning to night, he was seriously concerned about the work. He was familiar with every process, carefully checked every part, personally checked every part, supervised the debugging of every machine, and did everything carefully.

  His heart seemed to be born for Jinlida. Every day, every week, every month and every year, he supervised every process of production and processing wholeheartedly. He has been praised by all staff.