Hand-drawn drawings

May 25, 2021
Latest company news about Hand-drawn drawings

     In today's digitalera, it is almost difficult to see hand-drawn drawings, are drawn by computer software, computer software can be made into a plan, can also be made into three-dimensional three-dimensional diagram, and even three-dimensional three-dimensional GIF is the development of software has brought a lot of convenience, it is especially prominent hand-drawn drawings valuable

    Just like people learn to run, why still want to walk. Manual drawing is the foundation, can better understand and use mechanical drawing manual drawing.

     By hand drawing you will remember a lot of standards, thick and thin solid lines for various positions, and how to  lay them out.When it comes to mechanical design, the master always interprets profound principles with hand-drawn drawings.

     For many years, Lao Zhang of Jinlida has hand-drawn mechanical drawings and devoted himself to the research and development of products. Even a slight change will greatly improve the quality and give back to the whole industry!