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50mm X 50mm Gabion Box Making Machine With ±3% Tolerance And Green Design

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name JINLIDA
Model Number GLD-2

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Product Details
Color Green, Blue, Etc. Weaving Type Twisted Or Straight
Product Name Gabion Machine Tensile Strength 350-550N/mm2
Tolerance ±3% Mesh Size 50mm X 50mm
Width 1m-3m Height 0.5m-2m
High Light

Gabion Box Making Machine


3m Gabion Production Line


50mm X 50mm Gabion Machine

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Product Description

Product Description:

Gabion Machine-Your Ultimate Solution for Gabion Production

Gabion Machine is a revolutionary product designed to meet the growing demand for gabion products in various industries. This advanced machine is specifically designed for the production of hexagonal wire mesh, gabion mattresses, and other related products, making it an essential tool for any business involved in gabion production. With its high quality, durability, and efficiency, Gabion Machine is the perfect choice for all your gabion production needs.

Product Name: Gabion Machine
  • Also known as hexagonal wire mesh machine, gabion mattress making machine, or gabion production line.
  • Manufactured using the latest technology and high-quality materials.
  • Designed to produce various sizes and shapes of gabion products.
Zinc Coating: 220-280g/m2
  • Provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Ensures long-lasting performance of gabion products even in harsh environments.
  • Meets international standards for zinc coating thickness.
Material: Galvanized Steel Wire
  • Made from high-quality galvanized steel wire.
  • Offers superior strength and durability.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion.
Width: 1m-3m
  • Flexible and adjustable width to meet different production needs.
  • Allows for the production of various sizes of gabion products.
  • Customizable width options available upon request.
Color: Green, Blue, Etc.
  • Comes in a variety of colors to match different project requirements.
  • Colors can also be customized to meet specific needs.
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to gabion products.
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Heavy-duty hexagonal wire mesh machine suitable for industrial use.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • High production capacity to meet large-scale production needs.
  • Produces high-quality and precise gabion products with minimal wastage.
  • Efficient and cost-effective solution for gabion production.
  • Can be used for various applications such as erosion control, retaining walls, and landscaping.
  • Provides a safe and stable working environment for operators.
  • Long-lasting performance with minimal downtime.
  • Comes with a warranty and after-sales support for customer satisfaction.
Invest in Gabion Machine for Your Business

With its advanced technology, high-quality materials, and efficient production, Gabion Machine is the perfect investment for your business. It will not only increase your production capacity but also improve the quality of your gabion products. Trust Gabion Machine to be your reliable partner for all your gabion production needs.


Product Features of Gabion Machine:
  • Product Name: Gabion Machine
  • Height: 0.5m-2m
  • Tolerance: ±3%
  • Wire Diameter: 2.0mm-4.0mm
  • Weaving Type: Twisted or Straight
  • Tensile Strength: 350-550N/mm2
  • Key Features:
    • Designed for producing rockfall protection netting and gabion mattresses
    • High precision and accuracy with ±3% tolerance
    • Capable of producing a wide range of mesh sizes
    • Suitable for various wire materials, including galvanized wire and PVC coated wire
    • Can produce both twisted and straight weaving types
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • High tensile strength for durable and long-lasting gabion structures


Technical Parameters:



Product Application and Scenarios of Gabion Machine

The Gabion Machine, also known as the Gabion Box Machine, is a specialized equipment used for producing gabion boxes, reno mattresses, and rockfall protection netting. It is manufactured by JINLIDA, a leading company in China that specializes in the production of gabion machines.

The model number of the Gabion Machine is GLD-2, and it is available in various sizes ranging from 2m to 6m in length. The machine is designed and developed in China, ensuring the highest quality and precision in its production.

One of the main applications of the Gabion Machine is in the construction industry, where it is used for building retaining walls, erosion control structures, and embankment protection. The gabion boxes produced by the machine are made of galvanized steel wire, providing a strong and durable solution for various construction projects.

The surface treatment of the gabion boxes can be either galvanized or PVC coated, depending on the specific requirements of the project. This allows for customization and versatility in the use of the boxes, making them suitable for different environments and conditions.

The mesh size of the gabion boxes produced by the machine is 50mm x 50mm, providing a stable and secure structure for holding rocks and other materials. The tensile strength of the boxes ranges from 350 to 550N/mm2, ensuring their ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh weather conditions.

The Gabion Machine is also widely used in environmental protection projects, such as riverbank and slope protection, as well as in landscaping and garden design. The gabion boxes can be filled with various materials, such as stones, gravel, and soil, providing a natural and aesthetically pleasing solution for erosion control and soil stabilization.

Moreover, the machine can also produce reno mattresses, which are similar to gabion boxes but with a lower height. These mattresses are ideal for protecting riverbanks, shorelines, and other areas prone to erosion. They are also commonly used in coastal protection projects.

Another important application of the Gabion Machine is in the production of rockfall protection netting. This type of netting is used to prevent rocks and debris from falling onto roads, railways, and other structures located near mountainous areas. The netting is durable and can withstand the impact of falling rocks, providing safety and protection to people and infrastructure.

In conclusion, the Gabion Machine by JINLIDA is a versatile and essential equipment used in various industries and projects. Its high-quality production, customizable features, and durability make it a reliable and cost-effective solution for construction, environmental protection, and safety measures.


Customized Service for Gabion Machine - JINLIDA GLD-2

Brand Name: JINLIDA

Model Number: GLD-2

Place of Origin: CHINA

Zinc Coating: 220-280g/m2

Tolerance: ±3%

Surface Treatment: Galvanized or PVC Coated

Height: 0.5m-2m

Weaving Type: Twisted or Straight

Our Gabion Machine, JINLIDA GLD-2, offers customized services to meet your specific needs. With our expertise in rockfall protection netting and chicken mesh machines, we guarantee high-quality and efficient production of hexagonal wire mesh.

Our brand, JINLIDA, is a trusted name in the industry, with a reputation for reliability and durability. Our GLD-2 model is designed to provide superior performance and meet all your gabion production requirements.

Our machine is made in China, ensuring the highest quality materials and workmanship. The zinc coating on our machine is 220-280g/m2, providing excellent corrosion resistance and longevity.

We understand the importance of precision in gabion production, which is why our machine has a tolerance of ±3%. This ensures accurate and consistent results every time.

For surface treatment, we offer both galvanized and PVC coated options, giving you the flexibility to choose what best suits your needs. Our machine can produce gabions with a height range of 0.5m-2m, providing versatility for different project requirements.

Our machine offers both twisted and straight weaving options, allowing you to produce different types of gabion structures. This makes our machine suitable for a variety of applications, including slope protection, erosion control, and landscaping.

Choose JINLIDA GLD-2 for your gabion production needs and experience the best in customized service and high-quality products. Contact us now for more information and to place your order.

Support and Services:

Gabion Machine Technical Support and Services

Thank you for choosing our Gabion Machine. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and excellent technical support and services. Please read the following information carefully to ensure the best use of our machine.

Technical Support

Our Gabion Machine comes with detailed technical instructions and operation manual. If you encounter any technical problems during use, please refer to the manual first. If you still have questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.

We have a team of experienced engineers who are ready to provide you with professional technical support. You can contact us through email, phone, or online chat. Our team will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours and provide you with the best solution.


In addition to technical support, we also provide various services to ensure your satisfaction with our Gabion Machine.

1. Customization Service

We understand that different customers may have different requirements for the Gabion Machine. Therefore, we provide customization services to meet your specific needs. Our engineers will work closely with you to design and produce a machine that meets your exact requirements.

2. Installation and Training

If you need help with the installation and operation of our Gabion Machine, we can send our engineers to your site to provide on-site installation and training services. They will guide you through the installation process and train you on how to operate the machine correctly and safely.

3. Warranty

We provide a one-year warranty for our Gabion Machine. If any parts of the machine are damaged or malfunction during the warranty period, we will provide free replacement or repair services. Please note that the warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use or maintenance.

Thank you again for choosing our Gabion Machine. We hope our technical support and services can help you achieve the best results. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to assist you.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

The Gabion Machine will be delivered in a sturdy wooden crate, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

The crate will be securely sealed and labeled with the shipping address and product information for easy identification.

For international orders, the machine will be packed and shipped according to all relevant export regulations.

The delivery time will vary depending on the shipping method and destination. Customers will be provided with a tracking number to monitor the progress of their delivery.

Our team takes great care in packaging and shipping our products to ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience for our customers.

For any special packaging or shipping requests, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Thank you for choosing our Gabion Machine. We look forward to providing you with a high-quality and efficient product that meets your needs.